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Analysis Of The Last Song Essay

Analysis Of The Last Song Essay Now that Miley Cyrus is 17, its about time she played a 16-year-old. That she does fetchingly in The Last Song, and wins the heart of a beach volleyball champion a foot taller than she is. Well, actually 12.5 inches. She also learns to love her dad, played by Greg Kinnear, whose aura suggests a man easier to love than, say, Steve Buscemi. She does this on an idyllic island paradise off Savannah, Georgia, where her dad is a classical composer whose pastime is restoring stained-glass windows. I was trying to remember the last time I felt the way about a girl that Miley Cyrus fans feel about her. That would have been in 1959, when I saw Hayley Mills in Tiger Bay. Oh, she was something. A brave tomboy. She was 12, but I could wait. Its a bit much to ask for the same innocence from Miley, who has already had her first World Tour, but the fact is, she does a good job of making her character Ronnie engaging and lovable. Thats despite her early Alienated Teen scenes. You know its an Alienated Teen when its a lovely day on an island paradise, but she has her hands pulled up inside the sleeves of her sweater and huddles against the chill of the cold, cruel world. I like Miley Cyrus. I like her in spite of the fact that shes been packaged within an inch of her life. I look forward to the day when she squirms loose from her handlers and records an album of classic songs, performed with the same sincerity as her godmother, Dolly Parton. I think itll be a long, long time until she plays a movie character like the free-standing, engaging heroines of Ashley Judd, but I can wait. The Last Song is about how Ronnie (Miley) and her little brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman) are taken by their mother (Kelly Preston) to spend the summer with their dad Steve (Kinnear). She blames her dad for the divorce, is sullen and withdrawn. Ten minutes after she hits the beach (dressed in Gothic black), her milk shake is spilled by a flying volleyball player named Will (Liam Hemsworth). Talk about your Meet Cutes. Gradually she overcomes her hostility to Men and realizes Will is a nice and honorable kid, even though he lives in a vast Southern mansion with insufferable rich parents. Ronnie and Will make an attractive couple, possibly because Miley is standing on a box below camera range. I suspect Hemsworth may have been cast for his appeal to fangirls, rather like Robert Pattinson in Twilight. Hes a little too tall, blonde, blue-eyed and hunky to be super plausible. He can definitely become a star, but it may be in the Peter OToole tradition; I can more easily imagine him in a remake of Lawrence of Arabia than as a settled spouse in a domestic drama. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, is attractive in the way of a girl you might actually meet. Her acting is unaffected, she can play serious, and she works easily with a pro like Kinnear, whose light comedy skills are considerable and undervalued. She even seems sincere in the face of a plot so blatantly contrived it seems like an after-school special. Would you believe that she and Will bond over sea turtle eggs? Yes, she scares off a raccoon trying to raid a nest of eggs buried in the sand, and mounts an all-night vigil over them. Then she calls the aquarium, and who do you think is the handsome volunteer who responds to the call? Standing watch together the second night, Ronnie and Will start talking, and its only a matter of time until they regard together the itty bitty turtles hurrying toward the sea. The other big crisis of her summer is that she a trained classical pianist, but has just turned down a scholarship to Juilliard because her dad, you see, is such a snake. In a world containing divorce, whats the use of Mozart? The films title relates to this situation, I believe, in some obscure way. Miley does, however, sing in the movie. Shes mad at her dad, but not her fans. The Last Song is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote the screenplay. Sparks recently went on record as saying he is a greater novelist than Cormac McCarthy. This is true in the same sense that I am a better novelist than William Shakespeare. Sparks also said his novels are like Greek Tragedies. This may actually be true. I cant check it out because, tragically, no really bad Greek tragedies have survived. His story here amounts to soft porn for teenage girls, which the acting and the abilities of director Julie Anne Robinson have promoted over its pay scale. The movie is intended, of course, for Miley Cyrus admirers, and truth compels me to report that on that basis alone, it would get four stars. But we cannot all be Miley Cyrus fans, and these days you rarely hear Hayley Mills mentioned. Yet I award the film two and a half stars. To be sure, I resent the sacrilege Nicholas Sparks commits by mentioning himself in the same sentence as Cormac McCarthy. I would not even allow him to say Hello, bookstore? This is Nicholas Sparks. Could you send over the new Cormac McCarthy novel? He should show respect by ordering anonymously. But it seems unfair to penalize Miley Cyrus fans, Miley herself, and the next Peter OToole for the transgressions of a lesser artist.

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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Essay

As we’ve already learned, â€Å"motivation† entails trying to find out why people act the way they do (Brophy, 1998). Recalling on it, â€Å"motives† are specific forces that strengthen and direct behavior toward solving a problem or realization of a goal (Brophy, 1998). â€Å"Motives† differ from each other according to kind, for instance, hunger, thirst, etc; according to intensity, for instance, more hungry than thirsty; according to origin, for instance, biologically-based as against experience-based (Brophy, 1998). It may also be different in terms of being internal or external and the degree to which a person is aware of them (Brophy, 1998). For instance, employees who go on strike may do so because they adhere to some moral principles or â€Å"instrinsic motivation†; or because they would like to ask for a salary increase or â€Å"extrinsic motivation† (Brophy, 1998). â€Å"Intrinsic motivation† is concerned with motives based on one’s own internal needs and desires while â€Å"extrinsic motivation† involves positive or negative external rewards that affect behavior (Brophy, 1998). Another aspect that may differ the â€Å"extrinsic motivation† and â€Å"intrinsic motivation† is the fact that in â€Å"extrinsic motivation†, â€Å"it focuses people on the reward instead of the action† while this is not the case in â€Å"intrinsic motivation† (Morris , 2005). That’s why if the rewards are stopped, the action/behavior also will (Morris et. al. , 2005). To compare or contrast â€Å"intrinsic and extrinsic motivation† further, let’s a look at some more examples: When an individual knows that a reward will be given as a consequence of what he or she is about to do, which actually fits the technical definition of â€Å"extrinsic motivation† then he or she is most likely to carry it out (Morris et. al. , 2005). Another example is when an individual does things not because he or she has or needs to but because he or she wants to (Morris et. al. , 2005). The fact that the individual does it and that it is rewarding in itself for the individual then what he or she is doing is the exact definition of the technical term â€Å"intrinsic motivation† (Morris et. al. , 2005). References Brophy, J. (1998). Motivation. Burr Ridge, IL: McGraw-Hill. Morris, C. G. & Maisto, A. A. (2005). Psychology: An Introduction, 12th Ed. New York: Prentice-Hall.

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New Step by Step Roadmap for Master Thesis Proposal

New Step by Step Roadmap for Master Thesis Proposal It is crucial to realize that the thesis proposal is truly an extremely brief thesis. A thesis proposal isn't a location for typos or inadequate readability. Make sure you will review the whole thesis proposal before submitting it. A best thesis proposal is one that's robust and flexible. The reach of the thesis needs to be focused. You will have to realize your thesis instructor to get the thesis section number. Above all, it's crucial to be consistent throughout the entire thesis. Most importantly, it is necessary to be consistent throughout the full thesis. The notion of writing a proposal overwhelms many women and men, but the task doesn't have to be daunting. Thesis proposal help gives you an opportunity to show what you've learned on the course and express your capacity to create a well-argued piece of academic work in the best way possible! Little can be more agonising to the practice of writing a thesis than n ot having the ability to recall or locate some very important piece of information which would earn a point you need but has been lost. The whole procedure for creating a drawing is essential for two reasons. Little comprehension of English can also allow it to be difficult that you think of a thesis topic. To put it differently, when you ask your thesis question, think of the potential outcomes. Consequently, revision or a reversal of thesis topic may be critical. A thesis involves original research and is an established technique for developing specialized knowledge and abilities that could boost somebody's expertise within a substantive field of study. In fact, one's thesis is just as successful as the proposal as it comprises the fundamental guidelines and suggestions that are supposed to persuade the committee your question deserves to be researched further. Broadly speaking, a master's thesis enables you a chance to develop (and demonstrate that you have developed) a deeper knowledge and knowledge of a specific area of study. The masters thesis is nearly always at or close to the conclusion of a plan of study and so permits you an opportunity to work on some part of coursework that you want to pursue further. Collaborating on complementary projects will enable you to broaden your marketable skill sets, and also assist you in deciding which career path is most appropriate for you. Every effort was designed to support your research interests, but faculty guidance isn't readily available for all potential projects. Shows a good comprehension of research in the topic matter Sustains a line of argumentation throughout the thesis A premium quality thesis Shows all the above qualities of a superior thesis along with some measure of originality in research. Some programs need an annotated bibliography, which means that you have to briefly assess the viability of each source you'll be using, and explain why it will result in your research. Proposals from former students are offered on the department website and can be reviewed to help you in developing your proposal. Many students decide to download a thesis proposal example and put it to use in order to complete the assignment free of forma tting or structural errors. They decide to download a thesis proposal example and use it to complete the assignment without any formatting or structural errors. Master Thesis Proposal: No Longer a Mystery Receive a sneak peek of the way in which a great doctoral proposal is written. Before writing that sort of thesis statement, however, you need to consult with your instructor. If you do need a great dissertation, it's advisable that you obtain a wonderful example dissertation paper from a trustworthy source, like a friend or a relative. If it's your very first time writing a dissertation, they you require the full thesis writing help you are able to get.

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Empirical literature examining the determinants of...

Empirical literature examining the determinants of inflation has mostly viewed it as a monetary phenomenon. This viewpoint basically stems from Milton Friedman’s famous dictum that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. However, the conjecture of Friedman has recently come under attack. In fact, there appears to be virtually no correlation between money growth and inflation since the early 1980s. This leads to evolution of the argument known as Fiscal Theory of Price Level (FTPL). To capture the nonmonetary aspects of inflation, a number of economists investigate the main political, institutional and economic determinants of inflation across countries and over time. For instance, Aisen and Veiga (2006) conclude that†¦show more content†¦With both the models they establish they confirm that higher inflation is associated with higher degree of political instability. The higher inflation is actually stemming from the budgetary policies of the fiscal au thorities. They validate their finding through the theory of political instability and deficit bias, arguing that changing governments give rise to excessively high budget deficit either because they are unaware of each others’ preferences or because they are in conflict on how to allocate the public spending. The greater the likelihood of a government change the more unstable is the political system and stronger would be the deficit bias. Another interpretation of the increasing budget deficit rests on the phenomenon of â€Å"war of attrition† between conflicting political groups. Sometimes higher number of political parties in a legislative system makes it difficult to reach agreements and hence raises the likelihood of conflict among political groups. For instance, although it would be ideal to stabilize the budget deficit, the conflict among the various political parties may not let them reach a consensus. As a result of the persistence of the deficit, government t urns to seignorage as the last resort to restore balance in fiscal budget which eventually causes inflation. Hence Khan andShow MoreRelatedThe Effect of Macro Economic Policy on Nigerian Economics Growth and Development6051 Words   |  25 PagesTHE EFFECT OF MACRO ECONOMIC POLICY ON NIGERIAN ECONOMICS GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT ABSTRACT This research work focus on the appraisal of Macroeconomic Policy on Inflation in Nigerian Economy, also to determine how it enhances the growth of Nigerian Economy. The aim of this research work is to look into challenges and numbers of hypothesis were drawn. Information necessary to address the test of hypothesis was gathered through secondary data, source from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Economic analysisRead MoreMerger and Acquisition: Current Issues115629 Words   |  463 PagesGlobal View Karyn L. Neuhauser 1 2 What Drives Acquisitions? A Market-Manager Rationality Framework Antonios Antoniou and Huainan Zhao 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Introduction Hypothesis development Data and descriptive statistics Methodology Empirical results Conclusion 5 5 7 8 10 11 24 3 Misadventure and the Form of Payment in Corporate Acquisitions Tyrone M. Carlin, Guy Ford and Nigel Finch 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Factors influencing the form of consideration in acquisitions 3.3 A priceRead MoreEffect of Internal Controls on Financial Performance11978 Words   |  48 Pagesengagements have to become a dynamic and integral part of the market economy. The identification of factors that determine new venture performance such as survival, growth or profitability has been one of the most central fields of entrepreneurship research (Sarasvathy, 2004). A multitude of research papers has focused on exploring various variables and their impact on performance (Bamford et al., 2004). However, in order to be able to analyze and model the performance of new ventures and SMEs, theRead MoreIntangible Asset Accounting and Accounting Policy Selection in the Football Industry85391 Words   |  342 Pagesaccounting policy-making issues in the football industry. This includes an empirical study designed to identify the factors that influence accounting policy choice. In addition, the thesis contains further empirical work aimed at providing a model for valuing internally generated human resource assets in a manner acceptable for financial reporting purposes. Much of the recent debate over intangible asset accounting has focused on accounting for brands. The main points of contention concern theRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 Pagesrights reserved. This copyright covers material written expressly for this volume by the editor/s as well as the compilation itself. It does not cover the individual selections herein that first appeared elsewhere. ii Permission to reprint these has been obtained by Pearson Custom Publishing for this edition only. Further reproduction by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, must be arranged with the individualRead MoreCorporate Finance69408 Words   |  278 Pagesanalysis ............................................................................................... 30 The capital asset pricing model .................................................................................... 34 The Roll critique and empirical tests of the CAPM......................................................... 37 A reminder of your learning outcomes.......................................................................... 40 Key terms ...........................................Read MoreAppraisal Techniques of Public Investments and Projects62994 Words   |  252 Pagessensitivity analysis ..................................... ................................................ 145 4.7.4 Sensitivity and decision making ........................................................................................ 147 4.7.5 Determinants of sensitivity and common project risks ................................................ 148 4.7.6 General approaches to uncertainty and risk ................................................................... 149 4.7.7 Decision making when dealingRead MoreMba Solved Assignment Papers52670 Words   |  211 Pagespreviously discussed, the boundaries between them may be fuzzy): Exploratory research, which structures and identifies new  problems Constructive research, which develops solutions to a problem .Empirical research, which tests the feasibility of a  solution  using empirical evidence The research room at the New York  Public Library, an  example  of secondary research in progress. Research can also fall into two distinct types: Primary research Secondary research In social sciencesRead MoreProject on Risk Management46558 Words   |  187 PagesFinance Preface As a part of Management of Business Finance (MBF) programme, a student has to pursue a project duly approved by the Director of the Indian Institute of Finance. I had the privilege of undertaking a project on â€Å"Risk Management by INDUSIND BANK LTD.† My project report is divided into seven chapters and they are given as under: Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 2 Review of literature Chapter 3 Research Methodology Chapter 4 Analysis Chapter 5 Consist of Findings,Read MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pagesof America for the Marketing functions, American Marketing Association (AMA) defines marketing as â€Å"Marketing consists of those activities involved in the flow of goods and services from the point of production to the point of consumption. The AMA has since amended its definition to read as: â€Å"Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and