Thursday, April 30, 2020

Maxwell Mc Ilvaine Essays (283 words) - , Term Papers

Maxwell Mc Ilvaine 24882 Orange County [emailprotected] (123) 456-7890 Headline sentence of who you are and what you do. Title with X years experience in x industry/ies, with an understanding and/or experience of x and x. Think of this as your attention grabbing headline. Be sure to customize this to the hot buttons of the job you are applying to. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS This is the top of your resume which is the first thing recruiters see and read this section will spark their interest. (The rest of your resume will back this section up.) Purpose of this section is to summarize your resume; your relevant key accomplishments, results, actions, and benefits. Try to address each requirement of the job opening in this section. Use the language in job opening to describe your skills and accomplishments. Focus on your strong selling points, your value, your achievements, your industry, and your career goals. Include language proficiencies or security clearances if relevant Include education if relevant or recent graduate Keep bullets to 1.5 lines max, use only 5-8 bullets TECHNICAL SKILLS CERTIFICATIONS, PLATFORMS, AND TOOLS List all that are relevant to your current job search Include Technical Skills if you are going into an IT/Technical position, if not include your technical skills at the end of your resume. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE TITLE Month Year-Present COMPANY City, State Short statement of what company does, its functions, its industry, its size (revenue or number of employees). Size of company + What company does and/or its functions + its products or services that it provides to who. First bullet is a quick overview of your responsibilities and duties Achievement focused statements, quantify, qualify and measure your achievements, use #, $, %